Kauai Sweet Shoppe

My superhero weakness is my sweet tooth, and the Kauai Sweet Shoppe gets me every time!  In my humble opinion, they have some of the best chocolate on the island.  It is homemade on the north shore with a secret recipe that uses coconut sugar instead of regular sugar and it is AMAZING!  It’s located in the historic Kilohana Plantation, which happens to be where the Rum Tasting is as well, so when we’re in the area, we always stop by for some chocolate.


In addition to their homemade chocolate, they offer other baked goods, homemade ice pops, ice cream, candy, chocolate, flowers and leis, bath and body products and other cute items.

Kauai Sweet Shoppe, Kauai

It’s a tiny store, but there’s so much to look at and buy!  An interesting fact is the Kilohana grows the vanilla beans that are used in some of the treats at the store.


If this image below isn’t enough to get to you go, then you must not have much of a sweet tooth!


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