Top Instagram Spots on Kauai

Kauai is so beautiful that there are spots for pictures everywhere – you definitely want to bring your camera! However, there are some special spots that feel perfect for Instagram – you know – those fun colors and brightly painted walls that make for the ideal Instagram selfie backdrop.

We won’t be listing all in the article – because there are A LOT – but we’ve done the research for you and put all of them into a free Tripidee guide of Instagram Spots on Kauai – so you can easily find them on your trip to Kauai. Check it out!

Old Kapaa Town

I think these are my favorite murals on Kauai because of the vibrant colors and airy designs.
If you don’t look down the tiny alley next to Shipwrecked in Kapaa town, you’ll miss this colorful mural.

Old Kapaa Town has some of my favorite Instagram spots on Kauai. Start at Java Kai. You’ll find three or four spots for pics. One is in a small walkway between buildings between Shipwrecked and a hair salon. Another is on the opposite side of the building by Kauai Juice.

You’ll find this mural near the door of Kauai Juice Co. in Kapaa town.

Upstairs is The Spot, a great place for homemade organic yogurt. They have an adorable kissing mermaid mural inside that you can pose kissy lipped with.

The pastel container stores at NoKa Fair are so much fun!

Also in Kapaa town is the NoKa fair which has a line of pastel shipping container buildings that make for great pics. Go early or late to avoid people. **Don’t forget to use our Guide to the top Instagram Spots on Kauai to find all the locations.

Hanapepe Town

Hanapepe is an adorable plantation era town with so many places for pictures. If you want fewer people to contend with for your photos, avoid the Friday Night Art Night in Hanapepe – you won’t be able to get your shots.

The most perfect colorful backdrop is painted outside a gallery in Hanapepe town.

Finding Instagram spots in Hanapepe town is like a fun scavenger hunt! The town is not big – there’s one main street that has all types of art galleries and that’s where you’ll find the fun picture spots. You might also take a walk on the Swinging Bridge for and adventure and pictures.

Hanapepe murals, Kauai, Hawaii
After visiting Hanapepe, watch Lilo and Stitch again. You might see some familiar places!
The outside of the Talk Story Book Store. Don’t forget to go inside. They have a wonderful selection of books based in Hawaii and on Hawaiian culture.
Painted outside of the old theatre – reminiscent of an old time “crack seed” shop – a type of sweet shop in Hawaii.

As you head out of Hanapepe and travel west, keep your eyes out for a HUGE mural on the side of the Restore Kauai thrift store. The artist used children’s handprints as part of the design.

Bonus tip: Try the pastries at the Midnight Bear Bakery – they are some of our favorites on island. I like the tropical fruit danishes.

Kauai Coffee Company

An extra bonus to the free coffee tasting at Kauai Coffee Company.

You’ll find a mural near the coffee tasting stations around the side of the building. Walk to the side opposite the coffee tasting and around the curved porch. You’ll see the mural on the side.

Kauai Jungle Tub

Kauai Jungle Tub is a one-of-a-kind experience!

This is super different and fun. A local photographer and hair and makeup artist have teamed up to create a one of a kind photo experience. Get all dolled up and have your photo snapped in their adorable jungle tub. You can find all of their packages on their website.

MORE Instagram Spots on Kauai!

There are so many places that we haven’t had the time to take pictures of them all yet BUT we did add them all into a free Kauai Travel Guide: Guide to Instagram Spots on Kauai. Check it out! Everything is in there and on a map to help you navigate your Kauai trip.

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