Hanapepe Art Night

On most days Hanapepe is a sleepy little town with with historic buildings and a wonderful collection of art galleries and boutiques, but on Friday evenings the town comes alive, bustling with food trucks, roadside vendors, music and other eclectic offerings.

It is the place to be on a Friday night.  With so many different offerings, it would be hard to eat, see, and buy everything in one trip.  Divide and conquer is usually our strategy – we each get different things to eat so we can try more, but it seems like every time we go, there’s something new.  We’ll just have to keep trying!

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Hanapepe Art Night Kauai - Kauai guide

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Hanapepe Art Night, Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai flowers at Hanapepe art night.  Plumeria lei on Kauai.

Hanapepe Art Night Food trucks

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Hanapepe Art Night Kauai

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